The Omega-Rich Nut

November 16, 2015
Written by Elise

There's a nut that has the same nutrients as those big yellow omega supplements you take in the morning? Turns out there are! Check out our fact sheet on walnuts.

The Nuts that Can "Fool You Full"

November 9, 2015
Written by Elise

Are you interested yet? Check out these five facts about pistachios to see why they've been called the nuts that can "fool you full".

The Only Tree Nut Native to the U.S.

November 2, 2015
Written by Elise

Pecans are used for pecan pie, right? What else do you know about them? See if you knew any of these interesting facts about pecans, or if you know something we didn't!

The Nut with the Hardest Shell

October 26, 2015
Written by Elise

Are you an expert on macadamias? Or do you only know they're great in cookies? Find out!

Study on Possibility of Preventing Peanut Allergies

October 12, 2015
Written by Elise

In the last 10 years, peanut allergies have begun to be found more commonly in Africa and Asia, and its occurrence among children in Western countries has doubled. Peanut allergies have been given a lot of attention by the scientific and medical communities because, of all food allergies, being allergic to peanuts most frequently leads to death.