We're In The Store!

We are proud to announce that a selection of our delicious products can be found at The Store in Holladay! This is a new program that allows us to distribute our freshly roasted cashews closer to you. We are currently offering 25 different products and The Store will be restocked weekly with the freshest and highest quality nuts.

Come to The Store and find the finest Roasted Almonds, Smokehouse Almonds, Spanish Peanuts and a variety of our very own creations like Deluxe Mix, New Orleans Mix, Cajun Cashews or Jalapenuts.

The variety will change along with the seasons so you can definitely find our gifts in The Store at the appropriate times. You can always find everything we offer on our website or at our Factory Store in downtown Salt Lake City.

While you're there you can find fresh baked goods in the bakery up front. Or head to the deli in the back and have them make you an amazing sandwich. Such a fun store to visit in a great location.

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