Fathers Day Gifts & Radio Schedule

Happy Father's Day!

We will be running ads on KSL 1160 AM 102.7 FM for our Father's Day promotion. Here is the schedule on KSL:
  • Thursday from 5:30-6:30 pm live in studio with Jeff Caplan
    • Watch online for a chance to win a Father's Day gift basket and see our squirrel
  • We also have a 60 second ad running 10 times from 6/4-6/10 - Let us know what you think
Then we are running a campaign on The Zone Sports Network 1280 AM and 97.5 FM:
  • Monday June 11 from Noon until 3 pm we are thrilled to have Hans and Scottie come do a live remote from our store.
    • Come meet Scottie and Hans and have a chance for some free swag
  • There will be multiple ads running on The Zone from 6/5-6/16 - Tell us if you like them
We want to show off the special gifts we created with dads in mind. Find these on our website or come by our store.

Here is a peak at these 4 gifts:

Dadstachio - This crate is packed with 2.5 lbs of pistachios. Dad loves them.
 The Craftsman - Comes with a unique hand-made nut dispenser and the goods to load it with. The perfect addition to Grandpa's collection. It will keep the grand-kids entertained and in love with granddad.
 Father of the Year - Only the finest fathers deserve this gift! It is loaded with our premium roasted products and will make your dad feel really special. 13 pounds of a variety of men's favorite products. King size cashews, California dry-roasted pistachios, smokehouse almonds and more await dad. Enough product that he might even share...we said might.
 Utah's Own - We created a crate full of gourmet products all made right here in Utah. Enjoy Laurie's Buffalo Gourmet tortilla chips with Tagge's Sweet Corn Salsa. Try Cornaby's Raspberry Chipotle sauce as a dip or on the grill. Some sweet raw honey by Cox's farms. How about some delicious Pioneer Valley fruit syrup? And, of course, a couple items made by Western Nut - our premium deluxe mix and some Paul's Cashew brittle.

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